Best Episodes of Millennium #Top3Tuesday

In the episode of X-Philes Talk X-Files that goes live this Friday, one of the episodes we discuss is Millennium.

Spoiler: I’m not a huge fan. Frank Black deserves better.

So, I figured this is as good an opportunity as any to share my favorite three episodes of the show Millennium:

The Judge

The Judge

An early favorite which has a great concept at the core: a killer who targets his victims based on the fact that he considers them sinners. I always found this idea incredibly compelling and it’s one I haven’t’ been able to shake. For a while, I played around with developing my own story using a similar conceit, but ultimately I abandoned it for other ideas I found to be more personal and thus passionate about. But this Millennium episode rocks and for that reason I’m naming it as my #1 episode and the one I’d recommend any non-Millennium fans check out.


Midnight of the Century

A depressing and haunting episode that deals with death, repression, and memories of the past. Melancholy is rarely the emotion many Christmas movies or festive special episodes aim for, but really they should. As much as I love Christmas cheer, I think that there are a range of emotions well suited to Christmas entertainment and it is a crying shame that few pieces focus on them. Midnight of the Century does. It’s a truly great piece of television – and it’s worth noting this is the only episode on this list that isn’t from the phenomenal first season, after which the show took a decided nosedive.

The Well-Worn Lock

The Well-Worn Lock

Katherine Black takes center stage here in one of the very few episodes which focused on her job as clinical social worker as opposed to Frank’s as a criminal profiler. That said, this hardly means this episode is less disturbing than any of Frank’s cases. In fact, it focuses on a father who systematically oppressed and raped his daughters for years. As gritty as unshakable as you might imagine.

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