The definite mythology episode in my book, and one that occurred at the perfect moment where I had not just become a fan of the show, but overnight a zealous worshipper of everything X-Files. That considered, it is hardly surprising that I still consider Krycek to be a strong contender for my favorite overall character for the show; despite the fact we’re supposed to love to hate him, I just plain love him. This is the one episode I could probably recite verbatim. “This is just one bomb I’m sitting on, Mulder. I didn’t tell you how many more I know about.” Tunguska builds on what went before and amps it up in every regard.


This perennial fan favorite has so much going on and works on multiple levels. On the surface it’s a gross-out horror movie infused with juxtaposing popular culture touchstones (The Andy Griffith Show, Johnny Mathis, classic Cadillac convertibles), but look a little closer and it is a classic Lynchian examination of the seeming idyllic small town with a dark, dark underbelly. The contrast between the opposing maternal natures of Scully and Mrs. Peacock adds further depth to what is still a fantastic, gross-out, horror movie.

Small Potatoes

Picking the third ep for this list was a toughie, and it seems only right that I give a shout out to some of my honorable mentions: The Field Where I Died, Synchrony, Gethsemane, Zero Sum. Ultimately, Small Potatoes won out because it is just a great, compelling, and legitimately awesome hour of television. After Darin Morgan set the standard for comedic episodes over the previous two seasons, Vince Gilligan rose to the challenge and proved that Mulder and Scully themselves could be a hilarious source of humor. The scene where Mulder accidentally breaks the tail off Eddie Sr.’s corpse is one for the ages.

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