Film Review: Tucker and Dale Versus Evil

Tucker and Dale Versus Evil (2010)
Directed by Eli Craig
Written by Eli Craig and Morgan Jurgenson
Starring Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk, Katrina Bowden

Two rednecks head off to a cabin in the woods that they have recently purchased with the intention of renovating into their dream vacation home.

Also headed to the woods are a gang of college kids looking forward to a weekend of partying in the great outdoors.

Instinctive prejudices being what they are, the college kids immediately categorize Tucker and Dale as creepy hillbillies. Their fear only escalates after a misunderstanding whereby the kids think one of their number was kidnapped by Tucker and Dale. In truth, they rescued her after she slipped and hit her head.

Next morning, the kids creep up on the hillbillies’ cabin. Inside, their friend is sage – she has just woken up and is being treated to breakfast in bed. Out back, however, one of the hillbillies saws into a tree containing a wasps’ nest. Next thing the kids know, he’s running towards them, screaming his head off and waving a chainsaw in the air.

And so the stage is set for a morbid comedy of errors.

The kids grow increasingly concerned that the hillbillies intend to kill them all, while a series of accidental deaths lead Tucker and Dale to conclude the kids are a suicide pact who have come out to the woods to top themselves one-by-one.

Despite some clumsy pacing in places, this is a consistently funny film, with the comedy coming not just from the opposing perceptions of what is actually happening, but also the characterizations of both Tucker and Dale as they grow more and more bewildered as the body count rises.

It’s good, entertaining fun.


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