X-Files Revival Teaser Breakdown

I’m not one that usually obsesses about trailer breakdowns, but it has been an X-Files intensive week for me…

Last night a new 15 seconds teaser for the forthcoming six-episode revival debuted, and there’s some interesting things in there.

Here’s a brief interpretation of what the different shots might reveal…

Pure speculation and potential spoilers ahead.


We open on a UFO crashed in a field. Not that surprising since we’ve already seen these photos of the location shoot in question.


But this isn’t a contemporary UFO crash. Judging by the retro garb worn by the soldiers and man in black right here, I’m guessing this could be a flashback to the infamous Roswell incident. That would also jive with the retro saucer-like appearance of the crashed UFO in the link above.


Next up, two bodies are being dragged out of some sort of warehouse space. My guess is that we’re in the present day now. And I don’t think that’s a warehouse. It looks to me like it could quite reasonably be a TV or movie set. There is some equipment and props strewn about, and that table on the right could be craft services.

Hmm… Don’t we already know that one of the revival’s guest stars is playing an internet news anchor? What could it all mean?


Someone – or something – is getting a smallpox vaccination. Or at least a vaccination against some sort of smallpox-like virus **cough**the black oil**cough** Bet that’s gonna leave a scar.


Someone steps on Mulder’s famous I Want To Believe poster. Of course, the original was burned in the fire that destroyed the FBI’s basement office in The End – and presumably no-one salvaged the replacement when the shit hit the fan forcing Mulder and Scully to go on the lamb in The Truth. But Mulder did have a copy of the poster on his wall in I Want To Believe. Point I’m making is they mass produced these things. I’m thinking that this particular poster might actually belong to the the same person who is the recipient of violence in the previous shot.


But regardless of whether it’s his poster or not, Mulder is definitely in this thing.


And so is Scully. Woot.


And that’s it. Yep, it’s real short. (Empire refered to the teaser as “a .GIF with with delusions of grandeur.) What’s interesting about this title screen though, is not that it reminds the broad public that The X-Files is coming back in January 2016, but rather the “viewer discretion is advised” notice at the top. From memory, only two episodes of the original nine seasons carried this warning: Home and Via Negativa. It might be a minor thing, but hopes are they are pushing the envelope with these new eps.

What are your thoughts on this brief snapshot of the new episodes? Let me know in the comments below.

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