Today is a big day.

Do you know what’s special about today?

It’s my LAST DAY at this job.

I’ve been here for three and a half years…

A lot has changed in that time

both in this office
and in my personal life.

I bought my first house.

I’ve become a father for the second time 🙂

But this isn’t about me.

This is about saying goodbye to you guys.

I’m not good with making speeches

so I thought saying goodbye this way would be easier

and allow me to avoid mangling my words

or just using the wrong words completely.

Also, some of our younger members of staff
have never seen Friends,

so I wanted to prove to them that it really does
have a relevant reference point for every occasion…

For good times

and not-so-good times.

My memories of this job

will always be of the good times.

The pranks.

The cupcakes.

We’ve had a LOT of cupcakes.

Some might even say we have a bit of a cupcake addiction.


Thank you

all of you

for being a great crew to work with.

It’s been a blast.

And even though I’m only going to be down the road

and sure I’ll see y’all again…

But now I gotta say goodbye.

So off I go…