X-Philes Talk X-Files Episode 37: Scary Monsters, Jump The Shark, William, Release, Sunshine Days, The Truth

“It means The X-Files will go on forever,” said Skinner. The next episode was the last.

That’s right, folks, on this week’s podcast we’re talking the final few episodes of The X-Files’ initial run:

  • Scary Monsters
  • Jump The Shark
  • William
  • Release
  • Sunshine Days
  • The Truth

Be sure to grab your tissues, as this bunch of episodes does not let up.

We also discuss the whole nine years of the TV show in retrospect as we gear up for the imminent revival.

But wait, there’s more…

It’s a jam-packed episode this week. David is joined by Tiffany and Garrett – and then Avi, Keva, Roi, and Becky jump in half-way through too!

Apologies that the sound quality is not the greatest in this episode, but we do have some revival news for you – and *some* of us have now seen the first THREE episodes of the revival. Rest assured, we’re keeping it completely spoiler free here.

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