X-Philes Talk X-Files Episode 23: How The Ghosts Stole Christmas, Terms of Endearment, The Rain King, S.R. 819, Tithonus

Hi everyone, David here!

On this week’s podcast, Keva and I discuss devil babies, shady politicians, and lament the lack of darkness since the show moved from Vancouver…

So much so, in fact, that we recorded today’s episode in an abandoned mansion in an effort to recapture that vintage X-Files vibe.

It was all fine until we found two bodies under the floorboards.

And what was really weird was that they were wearing the same clothes as us. It was a little embarrassing, but in a way gave us confidence in our fashion choices. After all, the fact that there’s two of us out there trying to pull off a cowboy boots/mankini combo tells me I’m on to something.


Enjoy listening to a couple of narcissistic, overzealous, self-righteous egomaniacs talk about the following five episodes from The X-Files’ sixth season:

  • How The Ghosts Stole Christmas
  • Terms of Endearment
  • The Rain King
  • S.R. 819
  • Tithonus

LYDA: I don’t show my hole to just anyone.
MULDER: Why are you showing it to me?

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