X-Philes Talk X-Files Episode 21: The X-Files Movie: Fight The Future

One man alone cannot fight the future… Which is exactly why David has recruited three excellent co-hosts to discuss the first X-Files movie:

  • The X-Files: Fight The Future

David is joined by Avi, Roi, and Ky from xfiles.news to chat about Mulder’s infamous bar monologue, why the Well Manicured Man was the best of the bad guys, and reactions to the bee sting heard around the world.

We’ll also answer a couple of questions that have been puzzling fans of the first big screen outing (and Layla Harrison) since 1998. Namely: where the heck was Alex Krycek during all this; and how just how exactly did Mulder and Scully get home from the Antarctic after the snowcat ran out of gas?

All this and more… Plus: the tables are finally turned on David when he is the one who has to answer quiz questions!

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