X-Philes Talk X-Files Episode 51: Kitten

It’s a Skinner-centric story this week as David, Keva, and Avi talk Kitten. Everyone’s favorite assistant director’s S11 ep had it all: Vietnam flashbacks, a monster in the woods, and still managed to move the overall story forwards.

Also up for debate: the problem with The X-Files’ relentless Trumping, the future of the show given Gillian’s decision and the Disney takeover, and what we as fans really want to happen.

Since The X-Files is taking a two-week break while the Winter Olympics are happening, our podcast will be taking a brief hiatus too. But you can still get fresh X-Philes Talk X-Files in your life: download our bonus episode Cold Cases, Stolen Lives in which David, Avi, and Keva discuss the two X-Files audio shows exclusive to Audible, based on the comic book series written by Joe Harris.