X-Philes Talk X-Files Episode 56: Season 11 Recap

It’s hard to say goodbye to something you love, and for fans of The X-Files, we’ve had to say goodbye multiple times, only to see our show revived back to life thanks to the power of its fans’ collective passion. It’s this same passion for the show, even two decades years after it premiered, which drove us to create this podcast back in 2015 and which has sustained it ever since.

With the end of season 11 seemingly being the end of the show for all intents and purposes, this is probably going to be the final episode of X-Philes Talk X-Files. But don’t worry, we’ve still got a lot to talk about. Mostly about season 11, but we also reminisce about the show as a whole, and look back at some of our favorite episodes from the classic years.

Even though the podcast is going away (unless there does wind up being a season 12 or third movie) you can still keep up with all things X-Files at xfiles.news.

If you’ve enjoyed listening to this podcast, don’t forget that we recorded a bonus episode exclusively available to listeners who make a $5 donation in support of the show, to help keep our archive of episodes online for posterity.

You might also like to check out David’s book, Nightlights, which is a novel dealing with X-Filey themes centered around an alien abductee.

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